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Wobbegong Balance System

Wobbegong Balance System

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Australian Design

This is a state-of-the-art USB linked Balance Assessment, Training and Monitoring System. At the heart of the system is a unit, which measures angles of tilt(inclination). This unit, known affectionately as the Wobbegong,houses a sensitive triple-axis accelerometer and Digital Signal Processing micro-controller. The Wobbegong continually senses changes to its orientation and sends the data back to a receiving PC.

The unique feature of the Wobbegong is that it is truly portable, and can be attached to a wide variety of unstable platforms anything from commercial balance boards through to unsteady chairs. The software is designed to suit a wide range of functions; it can be used as part of an assessment system for balance/motion in either a research or sports environment, and also can be used for training. Typical uses might be anything from assessment of balance in a normal healthy person to a sports person strengthening an ankle joint.

Software on the PC side is used to complete the system, and turns an inclination sensor into a complete system of data acquisition, visual display,recording and analysis. The Wobbegong Balance System consists of several key parts, one of which is the Wobbegong inclination sensor, another of which is the Balance Trainer software, for which these are the help files. There are also additional sensors and software within the complete Wobbegong Balance System, which enable the simultaneous recording of several channels of data. The Balance Trainer software is an invaluable tool for assessing, training and researching balance within humans.

One of the key features of the Balance Trainer is the unique ability to create Protocols. A protocol simply refers to a training target inclination that a user should try to achieve. For example, assuming that a user is utilising the Wobbegong Balance System Balance Trainer to increase flexibility in an ankle. By creating a custom protocol, the user is able to undertake a precise exercise,which is tailored for their particular need. In this case, the protocol might simply be to move a balance board in a continual slow circle, extending the joint to acomfortable position. A protocol might be anything from holding still in a particular position for several minutes through to rapid side-to-side rocking.

Such a system would be ideal for assessment, however the real power of the Wobbegong Balance System Balance Trainer is in the feedback that it provides,both real-time live feedback using full screen graphics and audio, and also in the session-by-session ongoing progress. Live graphic feedback allows a user to focus on maintaining or following a particular balance/motion exercise, and provides instantaneous feedback on how well they are doing. Statistics taken from each training session are also stored, and presented to the user so that continual changes/improvements can be seen as more and more sessions are undertaken; this is a key tool in motivation in addition to validation of the training methods.

Comes with:

1 qty plastic moulded wobble board
1 qty Wobbegong Motion Sensor
1 qty USB flash drive or Install DVD
1 qty 3m USB cable
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Length: 63 cm
Width: 67 cm
Height: 18 cm
Weight: 10 kg