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zz Essential Core Training using Suspension DVD

zz Essential Core Training using Suspension DVD

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Certified By Australian Physiotherapist

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Specially selected low impact and corrective exercises that are simple and easily modified to quickly enhance core strength, dynamic range of motion, spinal and pelvic control, balance and body alignment. They apply to Redcord, TRX, Jungle Gym and other devices

Healthy core muscles are essential for optimal function and the prevention of many musculoskeletal problems. Training the Core requires specific exercises that go well beyond sit-ups, requiring exercises that train the deeper muscles. Whole body and specific suspension exercises in slings is one of the most effective ways to train the Core and integrate it with other body parts. The DVD consists of:

  • 4 minute program Express Core In Four workout for daily Core maintenance
  • 20 minute program Essential Core Training workout
  • Explanation of the Core and essential principles for training the Core and optimal function
  • Comprehensive exercise library with clear instructions about how to safely and correctly perform each of sixteen exercises, mistakes to avoid, and alternatives for progressing the exercises

Glenn Bilby is an Australian Physiotherapist and Sport Scientist with over twenty-three years experience in exercise testing and prescription and physiotherapy. He is a senior instructor to international medical and fitness professionals in sling and suspension training for rehabilitation and functional fitness.
Katarina Woxnerud is a Swedish fitness expert and Naprapat. She has exten-sive teaching experience and has published over fifteen books and DVDs on health and fitness.
Warning: The advice, exercises and instruction in this DVD are not intended as a substitute for direct professional or medical advice. Use of the techniques, ideas, and suggestions in this DVD is at the viewers sole discretion and risk.
Created by fitness experts and physical therapists, this scientific approach to Core muscle training encourages a balanced body, good posture and synergy between key muscles.
Simple, safe, effective training!

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