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Bongo Board

Bongo Board

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It's Fast. It's Fun. It's Back! Do You Bongo?

High Level Balance Training

Improve balance, coordination, stability and strength with the hottest balance training device on the market, the Bongo Board!

This NEW model has a safety board -nose plate for safer mounting and dismounting.

An exciting expert level balance trainer! The Bongo Board is a maple plywood board with a polypropylene undercarriage. It has a urethane roller with polypropylene center and a rubber and nylon bungee cord. Double ball bearing wheel system causes two halves to rotate independently. Tapered roller ends allow toe-heel movement and rotation. Safety retaining cord promotes safety and easy transport.

A moderate to high level of balance and fitness is recommended.

Hop on a Bongo Board today to:

  • Develop skills essential to almost all sports.
  • Tone the muscles used to maintain balance and stability.
  • Learn proper distribution of body weight to achieve constant equilibrium.
  • Experience a great fitness workout! The Bongo Board's patented design includes a skate style deck, independently rotating barrel roller, and an elastic retention cord.
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Product Video
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"Your Pro Fitter Cross Trainer has been tremendous in helping my 9-year-old daughter with her BMX (bicycle moto cross) racing. Ashley isn't as fast as some other girls, but training in the gym and working out with your Pro Fitter Cross Trainer (while lifting light weights) and using your Balance Boards, and Bongo Board has given her an edge they don't have.
Ron Burt
Manager of...
Ashley Burt, BMX Champion Extraordinaire, who is ranked 15th nationally for 10-year-old girls and 4th in the Midwest USA for BMX racing.

Squats On A Bongo Board:

First perfect a squat on solid ground. Place your feet slightly wider that your hips, toes pointing ahead. Lower your hips as though sitting in a chair, keeping your weight centered over the arch and heel of your feet, your head upright, and eyes focused straight ahead. Then, if you've never been on a Bongo Board, get comfortable with it. Use it on a carpeted area and have someone "spot" you while you try a few squats (the spotter's hands should be close to your waist). As you get more confident, change foot positions to simulate skiing and snowboarding stances.


While squats alone will strengthen your thigh-to-knee connection, adding the Bongo Board trains your entire body for stabilization and balance. on the return as well as the press.
Repeat 8 to 15 times and remember to keep your wrists locked firmly throughout the movement.
Length: 85 cm
Width: 26 cm
Height: 19 cm
Weight: 4.5 kg