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BOSU - Conditioning for Football

BOSU - Conditioning for Football

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The BOSU Sports Conditioning Series is based on the well-known and innovative sports conditioning techniques developed by Peter Twist of Twist Conditioning, Inc. These linked system techniques, incorporated with the BOSU Balance Trainer, have helped many college and professional athletes improve their game and they can do the same for you!

These can be applied to Australian NRL and AFL conditions.

You will need the following equipment to do any of these workouts: A 4, 6 or 8 pound Toning ball, BOSU Balance Trainer, Resistance Tubing with door attachment, Toning Balls and Resistance Tubing
Football with Peter Twist ( TRT: approx. 52 minutes) Football is a very athletic sport that requires many kinds of fitness. These integrated movement skills can help you develop high levels of agility, dynamic flexibility and power and tech your muscles how to react quickly and efficiently to help you play sideline to sideline and execute your assignment.

  • Section I: Balance and Equilibrium Warm-up. These drills focus on balance, equilibrium and weight distribution to help you develop a deep stance for power and recovery from hits and the transitional balance to run erratic patterns.
  • Section II: Multi-Directional Movement. Multi-directional movement is important for both offensive and defensive play. This series of drills will help you learn to move skilfully and efficiently in all directions.
  • Section III: Neuromuscular Activation. These drills can be used for pre-game dynamic warm-up before you come off the bench. They'll prepare you for the explosive efforts needed in games and workouts.
  • Section IV: Quickness and Agility. Football players need to be quick off the line and agile to throw, receive and cover other players.
  • Section V: Athletic Strength, Power and Core. This series of drills focuses on total body power production, core strength, stability and rotary movement skills so you're able to play more efficiently, power over bigger opponents, fight through tackles and shed blockers.
  • Section VI: Flexibility. Stretching can help you improve performance, avoid injuries and help your muscles relax and recover after a challenging workout or game.
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Product Video
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"The Australian Institute of Sports' Strength and Conditioning Coaches find the BOSU Balance Trainer to be of great value in improving the Core Stability and Proprioceptive Awareness of its Olympic Athletes over a wide range of sports encompassing such activities as Swimming, Soccer, Volleyball and individual track and field events. The ability of many of our athletes to mimic the movements of their sport makes the BOSU Balance Trainer an indispensable piece of equipment here at the Australian Institute of Sport."
Julian Jones
Head Coach
AIS Strength and Conditioning Training of Olympic Athletes

"Innovative and challenging, The BOSU Balance Trainer takes proprioceptive training to a new level"
Craig Purdam
Head of Department Physiotherapy and Massage
Australian Institute of Sport

"The BOSU Balance Trainer is another great addition to any strength and conditioning coach's arsenal. The BOSU Balance Trainer brings both imagination and physical challenge to core stability and proprioception for any athlete's training program."
Fernando Montes
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Cleveland Indians

"I implement the BOSU Balance Trainer in our off-season program for core strength training and rehabilitation of ankle and knee problems. It is a great piece of equipment and gives us an important extra dimension to our overall fitness program. Almost all of the players use the BOSU Balance Trainer in some fashion on a regular basis."
Bennie Wylie
Assistant Strength Coach
Dallas Cowboys

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