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Agility Ladder - (Adjustable) 12 Rungs (5m)

Agility Ladder - (Adjustable) 12 Rungs (5m)

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AUD $60.00 (ex. GST)


Flat Rungs - Adjustable

Professional Agility Training Tool

Sprint Training for all Fottball codes

Great for Rugby, Soccer, Leage, Hockey, Netball, Basketball and more

Essential for players of all ages as it helps develop quick feet, co-ordination and agility. Great for any age or ability - train like a professional. The adjustable slats are a useful feature as it allows slats to be adjusted according to ability and age. Slats can also be progressively spaced at specific intervals, in accordance with the optimal stride lengths during acceleration. Hundreds of exercises can be performed with the use of ladders (see Speed and Agility DVD for more exercises). Includes a quality zip bag.

Speed and agility ladders are useful pieces of sports training equipment designed to enhance body control and increase foot speed.

A speed and agility ladder forces athletes to quickly move their feet. The athlete can move in forward and backwards directions. More specifically, speed and agility ladders are an excellent tool for improving nervous system activation. When an athlete is forced to move quickly with his/her feet, there must be a faster impulse from the muscles to the brain and from the brain back to the muscles.

The more the nervous system is trained the quicker an athlete can move. When an athlete needs to apply more force, the nervous system needs to activate more muscle, more specifically motor units. The more motor units involved the greater the force. When the nervous system is able to send an impulse to the motor units quicker, this translates into power.

You can see how training tools, such as an agility ladder and a speed ladder will improve athletic ability. All in all, they develop general athletic skills, which can be transferred to sports specific skills.

The goal being achieved with this type of equipment is to have the athlete move his/her feet as quickly as possible, but with control.

Length: 54 cm
Width: 16 cm
Height: 12 cm
Weight: 1.5 kg